1. Click on “make an appointment” where you can email us directly and let us know what service(s) you are looking for.

2. Once you’ve sent out your contact info, you will hear from our provider within 24 business hours to answer any questions you have and, if interested, to schedule an initial appointment.

3. We do allow you to use your insurance. You pay for the session up front and then we provide you with a receipt called a Superbill. You can then submit this one page form to your insurance company for reimbursement. Based on your coverage and plan, insurance companies often reimburse the patient quicker and in higher amounts than they would’ve reimbursed the provider.

4. Our time is billed at $120-$150 per hour ($30-$37.50 per 15-minute unit) depending on the nutrition service you are looking for.

5. Our initial sessions are approximately 60-90 minutes and follow up sessions are usually 30-60 minutes. You are only billed for the time you actually use!

6. Contact us with any other questions here!