Welcome to Crave Health!

We are an integrative health practice in Bellevue, Washington comprised of registered dietitian nutritionists, and licensed mental health counselors.

About Us

Crave Health believes only when an active role is taken in wellbeing can a life be redirected, which leads to empowerment, balance, and happiness.

We believe in individualized, evidence-based care, designed to fit your lifestyle.

About Ashley Besecker, RDN, CD

Owner and Founder

Ashley has been in practice for 10 years and is passionate about living a long, balanced, healthy and happy life. She believes that optimal health can be achieved even in the midst of real life challenges such as depression, anxiety, genetic risk variants and family history of medical ailments. She assesses each clients individual story, health history, biochemistry and goals and pulls her expertise from multiple models of care such as Functional Medicine, the Bale Doneen Method for Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention and the Bredesen Protocol for prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease.  This provides clients with a well-rounded and evidenced-based approach to health. Read more >